The effect of absorption through the skin 

For every child, it is wonderful to be treated after a bath or before falling asleep with a natural pleasantly scented body oil such as BABYDUFT bodyoil This gentle massage satisfies the child’s primal need of touch, warmth and security. For a lovely guide on how to massage your baby click here.

The effect through the sense of smell

The positive benefits of the essential oils in BABYDUFT aroma spray work through the sense of smell. This is the oldest of our senses and is directly connected to our limbic system, the part of the brain in which feelings arise.


The characteristic scent and special effects of an essential oil are determined by its ingredients. A valuable rose oil, for example, consists of over 200 ingredients that can positively influence the vegetative nervous system and body functions such as breathing, sleep and the immune system.



comprising of 200 ingredients the most complex and valuable oil

harmonizing, healing, rejuvenating, antispasmodic


especially skin-friendly on sensitive skin

antispasmodic, relaxing, stress-relieving    

roman camomile

A precious oil, ideal for relaxing aching tummies 

antispasmodic skin-protecting, soothing, sleep-promoting


Balsam for nervous children

Treatment for hyperactivity 

soothing, relieves  bloating, balancing, antiallergic, protective, antiviral


According to Ayurveda, sandalwood brings peace of mind and soul

harmonizing, skin-regenerating, balancing and antibacterial    

fine lavender

best oil to get back into balance 

balancing, anxiety relieving, healing, antiseptic




is felt as pleasantly embracing by anxious sensitive children 

relaxing, skin-protecting, balancing, encouraging 



a popular children's oil providing security and tenderness

anxiety relieving, enlightening, in small dosages sleep promoting


conveys security and warmth, dispels anxiety and is psychologically enlightening

encourages sleep, calming, balancing, pain relieving