Babyduft Aromaspray - aromatherapy

By using natural fragrances, you can create a positive and relaxed environment. After airing the room, spray 4-5 times with the BABYDUFT aroma spray on the pillow,  sleeping bag, the surroundings of the bed and on a favourite soft toy.

There is also a  travel size, BABYDUFT aroma spray available, for use in certain hectic situations such as crowds, loud noise and bright lights that can make babies nervous and cause sleep problems.


Babyduft Bodyoil - gentle care

Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive, thin and in need of protection. After birth, a baby loses the protective warmth of the mother's body and so the skin forms the boundary between inside and outside and to the environment. Therefore it is helpful to give your child special support for this big task.Use the BABYDUFT bodyoil  for massaging. In case of uncertainty, ask your midwife for advice or see the following instructions


Babyduft Bathoil - bathing fun for your baby

Add 1-2 caps of BABYDUFT bathoil to warm water (37 degrees). Pediatricians do not recommend more than one or two baths a week. However, if your child feels very comfortable in the water, you can bathe it with BABYDUFT bath oil daily as it has a protective and replenishing effect. Ten minutes are enough to relax your baby. 

ask your midwife about babymassage  in your area