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Aktualisiert: 22. Apr. 2020

To be honest, it took much more than 9 month but finally the New BABYDUFT natural aromacare is ready! I am so happy and excited to present BABYDUFT with new formula and new packaging design from the talented Illustrator Jessica Nielson. Thank you so much Jessica for your beautiful work and your patient, I am more than happy working with you.

But why it took so long, some of you might ask (I announced it already in November 2018)? Maybe it's like cooking; if you have a receipt for 2 people and you want to take the same receipt for 200 people, it won't work. Same with BABYDUFT, it took a long time to adapt my receipts for a bigger quantity but still keeping the same or even better quality - 100% natural, biological, cruelty free and vegan.

For this high standards fortunately I found the perfect partner too. It's a Swiss family company, in the skincare business since a long time. I am so happy working with them, we made no compromise in quality and the standard is even higher than before.

The biggest challenge was: the aromaspray without alcohol. "Of course" you will say, "it's for children". Yes, that was the goal but it's very complicated to make a composition with essential oils without alcohol and still 100% natural. But we did it! So the innovation is, that the spray to improve sleep quality can be applied also on Babys skin, it's super soft and smells heavenly.

Try it - you will love it!

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